Posted by: Millard J. Melnyk | March 18, 2014

Stand Up, Speak Up, Lift Your Heads

I can’t think of any other time in history where so many people in so many places independently began resisting the elites this way. The scale has always been limited by our ability to organize a resistance.

That’s what’s new about this, and what’s so powerful: the emerging global resistance isn’t the result of organization but of awareness, of greater consciousness about what’s really been going on. No amount of physical or violent repression can reverse it, because they can’t make us unremember what we’ve seen, and the information is spreading too fast to contain. That means truth will eventually prevail, maybe even quickly.

I think that the elites are scared today in a way that they never have been before, at least not on a scale of this magnitude. They were always able to appeal to “allies” for help in quashing their people. But when “the people” become everyone else, and all the elitist “allies” alike face resistance unified by knowledge of the truth rather than intentional organization, there is no “snake” to cut the head off of, and they have nowhere left to turn for help.

Finally, they will face us as people, not lords, and have no choice but to see us as people, not chattel.

We are not helpless. We who love the truth, have the truth.

We Are Not Helpless, Stephen Stills 1970

We Are Not Helpless, Stephen Stills 1970 (click it!)


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