Posted by: Millard J. Melnyk | January 23, 2015

Ultimatum to the Privileged (like me)

I’m pretty sure that this is going to offend people. And if so, good — they need it. I don’t disparage or belittle any of the good being done in good faith by good people all around, but it’s not nearly enough. We haven’t dug deep enough and few of us have risked much at all — suffered, maybe, but risked what it takes to get rid of suffering? Not many. Most people aren’t so much as willing, let alone decided and committed. Some even claim that eradicating injustice and suffering is impossible.


Either we’re all in or we’re not in at all. There’s no more time for half measures and half-assed attitudes, and no room for those unwilling to bleed.

What follows is my ultimatum, written as a speech. If you’d like to hear me read it, click here.

Millard J Melnyk

January 23, 2015


If you claim you want justice, equal rights, peace, and dignity for all but you aren’t willing to commit yourselves to secure them no matter the cost — a mere potential loss of your property, your comfort, your safety, your beliefs, your status, your reputation, and even your very lives if necessary — then at best you’re nothing but hypocritical posers trying to pay pounds with pennies, so shut the fuck up and get your empty noise out of the way. Many are being deprived right now, as you hear this, of their actual property, comfort, safety, beliefs, reputations, dignity, health, and even their very lives. They suffer unwillingly what you have the temerity to choose to avoid — and then you pretend that you stand with them? They suffer in fact what you won’t even promise to hypothetically endure. Rome is burning while you fiddle with freedom, and then look around to see if someone noticed.

Knock it the fuck off! Stop!

If you want it both ways, if this to you isn’t a matter of whatever it takes, come what may, no boundaries, no conditions, no limits, and no exceptions, then you are no kind of humanitarian, no kind of activist — much less a revolutionary — and you have no genuine compassion, and all that “empathy” you feel is just a bunch of ego prop and balm to soothe your privilege guilt.

May your hypocritical posturing and your charade of making the world a better place be damned to hell, and may you be saved even through the fire of unwilling loss of all you hold dear, because if you don’t love truth and justice and your brothers and sisters who are being robbed and exploited and tortured and killed — loving enough to suffer similar loss in order to stand with them, support and shelter them, rally to their aid, and help further their cause — then you don’t deserve in the least any of the wealth that you covet and defend as you compromise your integrity and your very souls.

May your fantasies of security and delusions of superiority get ripped away so you can honestly see that the suffering of others is exactly why you suffer yourselves and still haven’t found happiness, peace, and health; and that as long as you cling to presumed rights, (which amount to little more than denial of blunt truth that you were GRACED with the PRIVILEGE that afforded the LUXURY of a self-flattering ILLUSION of rights SOLELY because you weren’t summarily deprived of them by no more than sucking your first breath in a slum or being born to a stigmatized family or caste or with a despised color of skin;) as long as you cling to your precious rights you will continue blind, sick, and miserable, afraid you’ll lose both rights and possessions. (Haven’t you noticed how they incessantly seem under threat of attack by swindlers and thugs and competitors and terrorists and authorities and all sorts of other heinous adversaries? And you call that a “shrewd, sober grasp” on the “hard realities” of life? OH MY GOD!!! How does that differ from paranoid delusion, exactly?) Keep clinging and you’ll keep struggling blind with phantasmic terrors, trying to numb it all with cheap stimulation from your addictions to acquisition, consumption, achievement, intoxication, sex, and the inane codependent usury we call “socializing” — insatiable wolves in American Dream sheep’s clothing.

May God damn your farce of privilege and your mockery of “rights” in a world where they exist only as the consequence of depriving others — because in a world where no one is deprived, rights become IRRELEVANT. May God damn your refusal to act beyond token gestures, afraid you’ll otherwise lose your fictional rights to the very authorities charged to protect them, (or so you gullibly believe,) while you, mute and passive, stand by and witness the actual rights of countless others daily denied — violated by the same authorities that permit yours. And then you whimper that there is little you can do, that you’re doing your “very best”, as if that were remotely good enough, or you even condone or join in denying and violating others yourselves.

May you agree with the damnation of your phony, hypocritical, self-bestowed privilege so that you don’t find yourselves damned along with it.

Get your minds right.

This fool’s game is nearing an end, and all the lies and bullshit you hide beneath are being scraped away even as I speak. NSA spying has nothing on the piercing transparency in store for all of us, and soon. “Invasion of privacy”? That’s delusory nonsense. Get ready for life in the nude, because there’s nothing that you or anyone else can do to stop the light that’s shining and growing brighter every minute. Our children are already living in it. No matter how many guns you have or bombs and jets and troops you control or masses you manipulate as they hang on your every word or laws you erect like walls to shield you and your abhorrent secrets, you will not thwart exposure. Your secrets will be known. What truths about you will we hear shouted from the rooftops? Deny all you want, they will be broadcast with or without your consent, unless you’re psychotic enough to force mutual annihilation to avoid coming into the open light.

And if things are in fact that insane and bizarre, that people would rather kill and die than be seen for whom and what they truly are — BUT WAIT! We already do that and have done for thousands of years. So why the hell are you worried about trivialities — your properties and your portfolios and your image and your feelings and what others might say? Do you really not get it — seriously?

Get out of your fucking house prisons and away from the mind-fuck media sewage gush and start talking — really talking — with your neighbors and friends, and start making friends of your neighbors and even your trumped-up enemies, because this ship is all we’ve got and now we’re long past the point where we had room to huddle in some corner that isn’t already under water. If it goes down we’re all going down together, so get over yourselves and your spineless cynicism and your pitifully frail egos. Start problem-solving and work with each other and bail this sucker out.

Time is over for the luxury of your petty peeves about “them” and paranoid delusions about “enemies” and your bullshit scapegoating to deflect attention because you can’t handle getting real and being honestly responsible and letting yourselves be openly seen and known. Your smug, judgmental superiority and condescending charity are like filthy plastic wrap on polluted depths of murky deception that you hope will submerge and hide abysmal pits of fright and inadequacy away from view. You hope in vain. We know the depths and pits are there. We know it’s a sham. Conceal and lie as much as you like, your cover is too thin. We see through it. Besides, the stench betrays your shimmering facade. If you dropped the subterfuge and opened up, you might find healing and support, or even power — and friends.

Get a grip and come out while you still have a choice, or be dragged out wailing and flailing — your choice. Your veneers are already shredding away and the grimy mucks underneath are getting dredged. There are no more hiding places. Everything is being illuminated. Delude yourselves otherwise and all you’ll get is a nasty surprise once it’s too late. That will be a whopper of a rude awakening for you.

There is only us and WE ARE ALL “US”.

There are no others to blame. There never were. That was just bullshit you shucked. We’re deep in this together and stuck with each other, so stop fucking around and get to it. Live and love and give and create, and quit your whiny, lame-ass excuses. If you don’t have the stones, ask for help. There’s no shame in that. But if you refuse help and refuse to help, and insist on this masquerading impostor clown circus, you’re really not much use, are you?


  1. Highly motivating! I hope and pray that ur message gets digested at every level.

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