Posted by: Millard J. Melnyk | March 10, 2015

Reverse Your Vision Forwards

If our society is upside-down and backwards, then deliberately turning it upside-down and backwards is the only way to right it. If we’re faced backwards, reversing our vision forwards is exactly what we need to do, especially if we want to do more than stand stock still.

But is this the case? Is that kind of radical step necessary? I decided to find out.

So, I asked people. Most thought it was a crazy question — of course things aren’t that bad. Then I asked them what their solutions for our problems are. I found out two unexpected things.

First, they offered solutions only after making sure that we won’t stray too far from the way things are now. In other words, they ruled out “radical” from the start. In time, I realized that their first priority was not to make things better, but to protect interests vested in the current state of affairs.

So I asked them why — what good reason did they have for ruling out radical possibilities? Many didn’t even get the question, because reasons are relevant only in light of options, but they saw none. Reasons to stand with feet planted on the ground don’t make much sense unless we have the option to fly. But if flying always leads to falling and crashing, it’s not really an option, so standing needs no justification. They didn’t see radical possibilities as options, but as threats.

Others admitted that radical steps aren’t out of the question, but claimed that they’re a bad idea. Their reasons for that opened my eyes to the second unexpected thing.

All their reasons came from looking at the world in the very way I calling into question. This seemed circular.

Said one upside-down person to another, “Upside down? Hell no! See? It all looks right side up to me!” So, the other looked around, saw things the same way, and agreed. That’s proof: things must be right side up.

In other words, we rule out alternatives we’ve never tried, because the status quo makes such obvious sense or seems so unavoidable that we can’t fathom sense or possibility in anything else. So, why bother with alternatives?

“Gift economies will never work.”

“Moneyless societies are unfeasible.”

“Property ownership isn’t just unavoidable, it’s the crux of civilization.”

“Without law and order, society will erupt into chaos.”

“There will always be war.”

And the so-called proof? Two sides of the same rear-facing coin: history and ignorance. History, by pretending that it’s always been that way is enough basis alone for adding and thus shall it always be. Of course, that’s poppycock. Ignorance, in that we can’t conceive of doing things differently, since it’s never happened differently, and that’s all we have to go by. And we admit it, saying outright, “I can’t imagine that,” or the more sophisticated, insidious form: asking how it could ever happen, as if not knowing how serves as proof of impossibility. Again, poppycock.

When we see nothing more than what’s already happened, then what’s coming up is like a black hole right until the moment it’s here — because we’ve got the backs of our heads turned in its direction. Theoretical prediction looking back to evidence from past events is not the same as seeing what’s coming, being fully engaged in what’s happening now, facing forwards. The latter requires confidence and commitment in action that the former doesn’t, since it’s a matter of theory and reflection on the past. They’re not mutually exclusive, either. One does not substitute for the other. But we live in a culture that has denigrated forward-facing vision as a kind of superstition. We revise that if and when someone succeeds and bears tangible products, because then we rear-facers have something to look at! Prior to that, forward-facing vision requires senses that rear-facers are loathe to exercise.

To justify our forwards-blind orientation, we argue that what happens next will be the same as what happened last time because, just look — it always happens that way. That’s compelling to the inexperienced. It’s even easier to “prove” it when we refuse to change anything. Putting those two arguments together to claim that, therefore, it’s no use trying to change anything because things will never change is just nuts. Cuckoo. Inane. And we’re all afflicted.

One way out of a house of mirrors is to break one and use it as a reference point. Another way is to do the opposite of what didn’t work last time, even though it looks like it’s exactly wrong. And if we tried over and over using the reflections to navigate but failed every time, even closing our eyes and fumbling by feel has a better chance of success. Instead, we insist, “Look! See? It’s obvious! How can you question it?”

Easy. It’s called scientific method: hypothesize, then test and pay attention, keeping track of your observations, and quantify them. Then reflect your findings in your theories, create new hypotheses, and test again. Repeat until you get the results you want.

Hypothesis is forward-facing. Evidence is rear-facing. We need both. But hypothesizing requires things that evidence doesn’t: imagination, trust, (even faith,) and what I suspect is the real rub: action. You don’t risk testing what you believe is not worth testing. You can’t do science without doing something — but you can argue the whole day long and the next one, too, with plenty of evidence to back you up. And many of us argue all the livelong day without regard for evidence, which is my definition of bullshit.

I’m asking what makes us so sure about alternatives before we even try them, and so far the answers are pretty lame. Until we’ve tried, we have no right to draw conclusions. And if we insist on drawing conclusions without having tried, we prove that we’re basically full of shit.

These days we largely fail — even fear — to hypothesize and test alternatives to our present madness. It masquerades as skepticism and even as prudence. I call it hypothephobia: a bunch of ninnies freaked out over evidence cherry-picked by fear-mongering media, squawking how heavy the armor is, how terrible the battle will be, and how we’ll inevitably lose — so let’s just stay secure in our little fortresses where we’re so intimately familiar and comfortable and do nothing unless we know it’s safe. It doesn’t really matter to us that if everyone did that, nothing would ever get proven, so all that we’d have left to do is what’s been done before.

There is something profoundly wrong with a security that requires that we imprison ourselves in order to enjoy and sustain it. And notice: that kind of norm-clinging, rote, adventure-shunning mindset is exactly what you’d want to see in wage workers.

I’ve put the armor on and been out there and — guess what? No war. No battles. No need for armor. So I’m taking bits off (you can only deprogram yourself so fast you know) and keep going right back out there, but ninnies think I’m insane. It makes no sense to them: I’m gradually becoming more and more vulnerable. They even think that they have something worth saying about it.

An old king once said, “Let not him who girds on his armor boast like him who takes it off.”

I’ll listen to what people say about things they do, try, and contemplate, but not what they avoid, refuse, and can’t imagine. How can we have something worth saying about things we don’t know? How can we claim we aren’t backwards if we’ve never tried reversing to see if twice backwards means forwards?

I’m finding out that reversals not only work better; I’m amazed how consistently better they are. We were duped, and there are reasons for it. I’ll be exploring them…



  1. so we must put out smarty two shoes aside and walk the path of the one, this is the year of the Sovereign. And you, my friend, are going to be tasked with leading the revolution, unless we think it beter to revolt with more death and loss… SMH, not on my watch. Sir, you have this knowledge (which i’m going to land a friendly jab here- is in good part from intuition and insight… which will lead to further knowledge defying logic and reason) because you’re capable of doing so, and willing to use the “power” for bettering the lot of us all. I believe I am with you, though not nearly as polished. Carl Fink, I believe you may know him from Group: Common Sense? He’s there too. Many people are experiencing what was for decades so whimsically discredited as to, as a highly intuitive person who is dismissed regularly knowing so well there’s no need to research. not for me. But there are qualities you possess which would take me days of bright white screen scrolling to grasp.
    I’ll say this about the post above- It reads, the substance or point of it, anyway, as if I wrote it… I agree on almost all points. I don’t say all because I didn’t need to continue reading to know what I need to say, or rather you may need to hear. I could go on for days, and I have in the past, about what was done to us, how it was done, why, and now even by whom. But all of that is irrelevant. What is the key here is as people wake up to this reality, that their perception of all their life has been a runaround. A master manipulation which is beyond lies, beyond criminal, beyond anything we think we know, their natural reaction will be either denial or panic. And the denial will only last so long before panic takeover. But wisdom from Walter Sobchak of The Big Lebowski- “Nothing is fucked” in fact, it’s un-fucked. We have the opportunity to restart and to learn from mistakes allowed to happen to us for lack of a better phrasing.
    It may seem too early to begin talking about this but it is not. We need to take a look at what our legal system & the criminal justice system has
    done for this country. First we’ll start by naming it the victim justice system, And then will take the blindfold off the woman in front the courthouse. That’s just a start. to lighten the mood, dark forebodings call for silver slap-schtick linings.
    The system cannot even be rebooted, restructured, maybe, but not repeated. so we must begin to formulate what will happen after the revolution… have we evolved, learned from the peace movements, or will we resort to violence and our animalistic nature. I posted a short video concerning “the real matrix” (there are so many matrices to compare to the movie), but the gentlemen talked about how we built this place, all of us, and we built it so it would be self sufficient and we would not have to think…. let it sink in….. for all I know this a prank video, or someone spouting assumptions as if knowledge… but the part about making it so we would not have to think rings real close to true. humans have been pressing easy buttons for the easy buttons. there have be few, very few GREAT thinkers in recorded history, and now as information becomes so available we have to filter it and set it aside to be processed later, we are forced to think. And if there is any truth to the 2012 change of consciousness and the shift in the paradigm of thought, it almost seems to me that it was planned like this, and we will know what we need to at the proper time.

    we are as children riding our first bike and now the training wheels are off.
    It’s been said that 2015 is the year of the sovereign. perhaps this is true as we are experiencing a “quickening” maybe we will no longer need government and simultaneously live by the old laws without the laws need to be written. but I do have some ideas they’re just ideas though have to to involve us walking off the beaten path; hey, considering the route traveled has gotten us up craps creek, it won’t even be an issue of whether or not we need to rough it out it will be a necessity what do you think AMC’s The Walking Dead or Will Smith’s role in I am Legend were produced for- preparation. Forget about your House of cards, and I will mine. We need to RE MEMBER, come together, it’s about that time. I believe we can, as a people find that common ground to actualize this, but it can’t be revenge or anger driven towards the controllers.
    Millard, you once said these men are like toddlers, and we must treat them as such. they want a volatile reaction. It would be nice instead if we reacted like w hood winked the whole time, let them know we were the ones allowing the strings to be pulled. Because we are likely to see another Hunt for a lot of the gnostics for those in the past called witches, now arent deemed witches but perhaps conspiracy theorists or enemies of the state. Gee, I hope there’s no piece of paper declaring anyone the president deems an enemy of the state can be taken against his will without due process. The patriot act the acting like you are a patriot. The best way to determine was a patriot just to see who’s left standing. I don’t know if it will be me the last one standing but I know I will be me last, till death, standing. Better than living on my knees. What would William Wallace Do?
    great piece MM, looking forward to expanding on it when i can formulate my thoughts better.

    • Hey man, thank you for that interesting and thoughtful response! Glad to have you with me!

      I think the first reversal is to realize that we need a revolution in our heads before we can revolutionize anything else, let alone the world. Everything we were taught firmly holds the priority that material matters more than meaning; stuff matters more than imagination; profit matters more than people. In other words, the outer matters more than the inner. Bullshit. Once our priorities are straight in our heads, we’ll “see clearly to remove the speck from our brother’s eye”. We live in a world where life and the living have been subjugated to death and the dying and the future is held hostage by the past. No wonder we’re all various degrees of sick in the head and heart. Happiness isn’t a goal, it’s the norm when we’re healthy.

      So it very well might be that we’ll be ready for the outer revolution when the inner one has gotten far enough so that we stop desperately hinging our hopes to gain peace on controlling the actions of others and the world around us, and start furnishing peace instead.

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