Posted by: Millard J. Melnyk | March 12, 2015

Send Your “Packing” Packing

When I see someone with a gun strapped to his hip, like the guy in camo at Walmart the other day, I feel less safe. That doesn’t change one whit (and never has all my life, ever since I was small) if he’s wearing a uniform. A shiny little badge on his chest doesn’t make him less dangerous. In fact, for those with the wrong mentality who well know that they are judged by a much more sympathetic standard than the rest of us, their “Ya can’t touch me” attitudes make them far more dangerous.

Check yourself the next time a cop shows up — you, a law-abiding citizen doing nothing wrong at the time. Do your vitals relax (Ah… Now I’m so much safer!) or pump (Ah… oh… What’s going on? What’s gonna happen now?) You’re driving the speed limit in a registered vehicle in good repair with license in your wallet, proof of insurance in the glove box, and a patrol car suddenly appears in your rear view mirror. How’s your heart rate feel now? You know what I’m talking about. Let’s say he pulls you over. Does the gun on his hip make you feel safer then?

I’m shocked to realize that the number of guns per person in the USA is almost 0.9. If all the guns were equally distributed, 9 of 10 Americans would have a gun in their hands. Talk about a cluster fuck powder keg.

There is less than a one percent chance (average violent crime rate in large US cities hit a HIGH of 0.8% in 1991, it’s now just under 0.4%, see Uniform Crime Reporting Statistics, US Total, Violent crime rates) that you will have any call for defense at all. Less than 1 in 200 people will experience a violent crime once in a whole year. I wonder how many think about it 365 days a year, even to the point of “packing”?

For most, having a gun in those situations will just make matters worse because, unless you’re practiced at warding off bad guys at the end of a barrel, (which means you do it often,) it will be your first time and you will suck at it.

In actual fact — judged by the time spent actually using or practicing with your gun vs. time spent fantasizing yourself blowing away “bad guys” — for most people, having a gun for self defense is little more than a morbid form of moralistic ego masturbation.

Maybe you, Mr./Ms. gun-packing citizen, are the exception to that rule, but I doubt it.


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