Posted by: Millard J. Melnyk | August 11, 2015

ReLOVEution Breakdown

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Our beliefs and the societies we created with them are upside-down, inside-out, and ass-backwards. Fixing them isn’t nearly enough. Making repairs under the delusion that they are broken, when in fact they weren’t ever intended or designed to do what we want, is profoundly futile. We need to reverse the situation, reinventing it; but first, we need to reverse the basic beliefs that created and made the situation chronic. We haven’t changed the world yet, because we’ve tried to change it without changing what we think about the world — in fact, stubbornly refusing to change our minds while we blame others for failing to change their behavior.

We need to get off that not-so-merry-go-round. So the first reversal we need to make is: As the inner, so the outer. Instead of vainly hoping that circumstantial changes will solve problems that originate inside us, we need to get at the roots.

Several months ago I announced ReLOVEution. Several weeks ago, I presented a four-step ReLOVEution plan that you can see at

Here, I provide a context for that plan, break down what I mean by ReLOVEution, and invite you to partner with me in this work.

I have devoted my life — and my death if need be — to radically changing this world for the better. It’s been my full-time pursuit for the last six years, and I’ve been at it from various angles all my life. I understand the skeptical, cynical arguments. They’ve become repetitive, stale, and transparent as the frail superstitions of cowed souls. We need to stand up.

Strategy, Goals and Agenda

I have a simple strategy: Focus our efforts on fronts where we have the greatest advantage with the least risk. When faced with psychopaths bent on the destruction or enslavement of Earth and everything on it, that means focusing on three fronts: heart, trust, and credibility — the lack of which creates psychopathy and the activity of which overcomes it. We’ve been so brainwashed with authoritarian nonsense that those don’t even seem like “fronts” to us — which is good, because it’s a stealth approach. Revolutionaries who see themselves going out in blazes of sacrificial glory for the sake of the cause might be a bit disappointed, but they’ll also live a bit longer and, as they’ll see, this approach actually takes far more courage.

I have simple goals. I want the fighting to stop. I want the killing to stop. I want the insanity to stop. I want everyone safe so they can pursue their desires without fear. I want the stronger to help and protect the weaker instead of taking advantage of them. And if you think that’s idealistic, I’m sorry. I have been and am proving you wrong. I have dedicated all I am and all I have toward these goals. I’ve already made progress and there’s much more to come.

I have a clear agenda.

First item: Challenge our perverted basic beliefs covertly by considering some old questions that seem innocuous, maybe even irrelevant. I’ve already found that approaching these questions from new angles leads to an inner revolution, which is the second agenda item: ReLOVEution.

Second item: ReLOVEution has been an attractive term for awhile now. It includes the “consciousness shift” that so many mention yet say so little about, but it’s far more. It’s time to flesh it out and make it practical. The shift will be a revolution of mind rejoining heart, a diametric reversal of old ways of thinking, and a turning point where we expose the lies that made authoritarianism so credible for so long. Afterwards, we’ll see our beliefs about authority as ridiculous as they truly are. That brings us to the last item.

Third item: Figure out how to realize heaven on Earth. Only as ReLOVEution progresses and our thinking turns around will we have the capability to really do this — the lack of which being why we’ve chronically failed to do it until now.

I know how that sounds, but hear me out.

With life as perverse as it is now, it’s no huge leap to imagine that the poisoned stew of beliefs we’ve so long simmered in has made even the reasonable and rational seem perversely absurd to us. It would be incredible to think we’re not seriously tainted and warped, forget about pristine! So, the supposedly perverse, absurd, or even the taboo should be great places to look for solutions that, clearly, we have not found yet. When life proves chronically perverse and absurd, incorrigible despite our best correctives — as indeed it so far seems to be — then we’re probably avoiding viable routes to effective solutions, as ironic as that would seem.

As a matter of fact, that’s exactly what I’ve found. Whether deliberately or unawares, we’ve looked for solutions where they can’t be found, avoiding where they lay waiting for discovery, and then cynically concluded there were none to find. This explains the dismal results we see. It’s as if we stand in a metaphorical pharmacy chock full of remedies, but someone labeled them with dunce’s caps and skulls ‘n crossbones in a room marked “ONLY IDIOTS, FOOLS, AND THE DEAD GO HERE.” Afraid of ridicule or doom, we cringe and refuse to take the “risk” to walk in, crack a seal, twist a lid, and find out for ourselves.

It’s tricky finding ways of showing people who are as intimidated as I was that only idiots, fools, and the dead take the bogus risk, the warning sign, and scary labels seriously enough to go on suffering year after decade after century without ever daring to find out if they are true. Troublemakers like me walk into all kinds of forbidden storerooms, crack falsely labeled lids, find out that the remedies work and, in fact, we already know what they are. They are already ours. We were put into terror to stop us from trying and using them. Once we see that the terrors are bullshit, nothing left can stop us.

Following the advice of authorities and experts led us where we are now. It’s time to find our own ways out of the mess they dragged and drove us into.

This won’t be a short task. I’ve been working on ReLOVEution of various forms for nearly a decade, committing myself to full time work on it in 2009, gelling the idea over the last year or so, and settling on ReLOVEution as its moniker last spring. I’ve done the best proofs of concept I can on my own, and the results not only pass, they’re inspiring. Now I need help to go further.


My interest in old questions (listed further down) isn’t primarily philosophical, but subversive. I plan to change our world by reversing our basic beliefs — the taken for granted ones that lie underneath the ones we promote, defend, and fight about. Reversing beliefs isn’t new, but the priority of inner first, then outer coupled with rational, quantifiable expectations of concrete change is new, and the depths to which I’m taking the reversals are new. Before we can intelligently revolutionize our circumstances, we must first revolutionize our intelligence. We must turn our minds around.

I wanted a term for deep, inner reversal that communicates its radical nature without implying violence. That’s why I appropriated “ReLOVEution”. Although it’s been circulating for some time, it needs fleshing out. Lasting change happens like the wise have long told us: inwardly first, then expressed outwardly. The mess we see all around shows how insistent we’ve been on reversing outward conditions while neglecting the inner reversals we sorely need. Resistance to inner revolution runs very deep, thanks to our authoritarian brainwashing. All my work is geared toward inciting the inner-then-outer reversal I’m calling ReLOVEution.

ReLOVEution is actually an ancient concept so powerful that rulers in every age have diligently worked to obscure it. Repentance, enlightenment, surrender, awakening, overcoming, and many other terms have been used to approximate it, but then inevitably were corrupted by authoritarian redefinitions. It’s not a matter of turning our will around or forcing ourselves to think, believe, behave, or see things differently. We cannot simply will ourselves to be different, nor can we will ourselves to want (desire) differently. Nor is ReLOVEution a matter of changing sides in a grand struggle between good and evil — as if any of us in our heart of hearts truly wanted evil and need to turn away from it. Authorities crying, “Evil! Evil!” devised the systems that force us into corners where our survival is threatened unless we participate in their evil. Then they show up as saviors with secret knowledge, promising to free us from our evil natures. Yeah, right.

Instead, ReLOVEution is a matter of reversing our perception — easy, cheap, and relatively risk-free — playing around with the new view, and then deciding how we like the results. It’s a rational, self-regulated proposition; and regardless what we decide about its results, engaging in the process necessarily alters our desires and beliefs according to what we experience instead of what we were told. No wonder those who live to tell us what to do didn’t teach us about it. It affects both desires and beliefs, inevitably changing their expression in decisions, will, and action, aligning us with the reality we experience rather than fictions we were given to believe. It’s that simple, and its power is betrayed by how staunchly authoritarians denounce it and how strongly averse we are to trying it — as if merely looking through other eyes, pretending they’re our own, were the first step toward losing our souls. ReLOVEution is not about taking on hysteria and delusion, but escaping the brainwashing that induced them.

You might think, “That’s it?” It doesn’t seem nearly adequate, does it? Well, unless you’ve tried it, how could you possibly know? Cognitive biases, as just one example of the things ReLOVEution leverages, are extremely powerful and can work for us rather than against us if we’re savvy about using them. Paradigm shifting is largely unexplored and rarely used, but commonly feared. Social change isn’t measured in decades and centuries because people are so very avid for progress, but rather because they find profound change terrifying. It wasn’t that way before we were abused into terror of it, though. And I am proof that there is life after shattering personal upheaval. After several bouts that each time over a five decade span literally forced me back to square one, I’m a veteran ReLOVEutionist on a small scale. I can tell you, it’s incredibly powerful stuff and, far from plummeting its depths, we’ve hardly broken the surface.

Target Basic Beliefs

The basic beliefs we need to reverse include authoritarianism, skepticism/cynicism, survivalism/adversariality, and materialism. That’s to start with in order of importance. Underlying all of them is a belief that our personal dignity and human worth are not real or genuine unless we demonstrate them. That’s a profoundly indignifying, disempowering belief — and it has no basis in fact, but only in brainwashing. It is the root of all unwanted authority, the authority that ensured we’d end up where we are now. ReLOVEution essentially reinstates individual dignity as a given, an unchallenged presumption that needs no demonstration or proof — just like it is with those who love us. Beginning our beliefs on that foundation has profound, far-reaching, and amazing consequences. That’s how deep the reversal must go.

We have much wisdom available from old traditions, but there is no going back. We need to integrate old wisdom with new wisdom in new approaches that address the issues we face now. This requires both deconstructing unworkable beliefs and formulating not just new beliefs, but new ways of believing. Routinely developing and altering beliefs must become a welcome norm, a means of creation and play, keeping our thinking current and fresh in ongoing revision much like science does. Deliberate, intelligent, creative, collaborative co-authorship and co-management must replace old habits of procrastinating serious change until once in an unwanted while when, forced by threats, pressures, and necessity, we choose sides and fight over ideas because some of us just can’t stand to live with the results of entrenched, centuries-old dogmas anymore. Even our academic disciplines read like a history of ideological conquests by revolutionaries who vanquished the “old school”. We need to halt chronic cycles of violence and domination, not only in society and geopolitics, but in our academics, our minds, and our personal lives as well.

So, let’s talk reversal and reinvention — not revolution but ReLOVEution! Merely destroying unworkable, corrosive beliefs leaves us destitute. Reversing them — destroying the old while inventing the new, i.e., reinvention — gives us a place to stand, something to work with, and something to do. Buckminster Fuller had it half right: we need new models that make the existing models obsolete. But that alone won’t stop promoters and defenders of existing models from destroying our new ones, leaving theirs as the last ones standing. That is their way, and that has long been their history. We need to tackle both sides of the problem, not only reinventing but also eliminating unreasonable attack against new ways of thinking and living by subverting the false foundations of those who would destroy the new before anyone can try it.

3-Stage Reinvention Program

The ReLOVEution plan I mentioned at the beginning is a pivotal part of a larger program to collaboratively reinvent the basis of our lives and our life together in relationships, communities, and society.

Reversing beliefs means showing how inane and absurd they are, leaving their opposites for consideration no matter how unlikely they might have seemed, and then intelligently experimenting with the opposites and adopting what works. For many people, reversing beliefs turns out to be an intimidating prospect, an equal opportunity threatener for conservatives, liberals, and even self-proclaimed radicals. So, I think we need to take it in stages.

First stage: Do the initial theoretical and grassroots communication work. Being abstract, it’s the least scary for those clinging to their preferred status quos. A core of thinkers with a community of frontrunners doing lots of individual and small group R&D and experimentation — think tanks integrated with leading edge practitioners in what Paulo Freire called praxis — will flesh the theory out. This will build a solid foundation for dealing with questions and objections even from experts, cutting the rationally defensible basis for authoritarianism right out from under its feet. Initial work on this is already being done by a number of people. We need to gather, integrate and expand it. And we need to disseminate it in clear, easily understood ways, synergistically building a popular understanding in tandem with a robust theoretical understanding. This is where ReLOVEution starts: with the “Visualize” and “Expose” steps of the ReLOVEution plan. Notice that traditional theoretical work, like academic and scientific research, has long been done by elite groups who approached these tracks sequentially, leaving popularization trailing long afterward, often by decades. There are reasons for that, all of which have to do with retaining centralized control of the process and the outcomes. ReLOVEution obliterates it. Much work remains to be done in this stage.

Second stage: Judiciously and openly apply the theory in real life practice as proofs of concept that demonstrate it works: experiments, trial runs, case studies, and lots of conversations and what-iffing and personal experiences informing the whole. This is when the “Expose” step of the ReLOVEution plan will go viral and the “Subvert” step will kick in. (Note: At this point we’re still talking subversion of credibility, not subversion of control structures or systems. Subverting those will naturally result from increasing discreditation.) Many people I talk with have reservations. Even though they intuitively recognize ReLOVEution’s merit and power at first blush, they’re concerned about consequences and blowback. Intelligently done proofs of concept will dispel most of those fears and inspire others to try it out and report their findings, beefing up the theory and practical methods while amping the exposés and subversion until we hit the ReLOVEution tipping point: the “Conversion” step of the ReLOVEution plan, when individual sovereignty will reemerge, correctly understood as the basis for all that can genuinely be called “authority”. This will reverse the current situation in which self-entitled sovereign authorities dispense pseudo-sovereignty to select groups and individuals (usually along familial or old boys’ club lines) as exceptions to their otherwise general antagonism and derogation against the vast majority of individuals.

Third stage: Having gathered critical mass, with the tipping point behind us and conversion going viral, openly challenge the credibility — the real foundation of power — of our current systems and institutions and the idiots who created and rule them. This will be the first time we directly confront the problematic about the problems they’ve inflicted on us, and it won’t be an attack on their physical persons, property, or the systems and institutions they control. Physical attack will not be necessary because loss of credibility dematerializes power and control over physical resources and people. We will have done our homework. We will have prepared the ground. We will have solidified our allegiance to each other through communication, a common vision created together, joint planning, and collective work. We will have demystified and rationalized the problem space, quantifying it and eliminating hysteria. We will have reframed the problems constructively, couching them in non-authoritarian contexts. We will have discredited the bastards, their rationales, their agendas, and their enterprises.

The outcome: In spirit, in mind and heart, and in truth — in all ways except brute force and violence — we will have eliminated the authorities’ every means of navigation and support. By that point, force and violence on their parts would only further prove that they are otherwise incompetent, which will have been precisely our point all along. Then they, not we, will be damned if they do and damned if they don’t — a gratifying reversal, don’t you think? From our perspective, though, it will be a win-win situation and, as soon as they get their heads screwed on straight, they’ll see that too. This will invite — or even beg — that significant changes be made to our systems, institutions, and our ways of managing them, idiots and idiocy giving way to life-affirming, life-supportive people and practices, eschewing theft-for-profit models and embracing share-for-benefit models.

Reversing our circumstances will be the result of having thoroughly reversed our minds to rejoin our hearts. At that point we’ll have much better ideas about how to make concrete changes and an abundance of options rather than a dearth, because creative options will find eager reception rather than gauntlets through which only a few survive. Instead of wondering what is the best we can hope for, we’ll wonder how good it’s going to get.

Initial Questions

This is an initial list of questions I’m answering and the basic beliefs they address. Even more than the answers that we’ll find, value lies in the process of developing answers — a stealthy form of Socratic method that alters minds while they’re focused on problems. Who would get up in arms about something like this?

  1. Are there such things as absolutes, objective truth, or a universal morality? (challenges authoritarianism)
  2. Is the universe a friendly place, an indifferent place, or a hostile place? (challenges skepticism/cynicism, survivalism/adversariality)
  3. Why do bad things happen to innocent people, especially children and the defenseless? (challenges skepticism/cynicism, survivalism/adversariality)
  4. Is there any merit to spirituality, and if there is, what is real spirituality? (challenges authoritarianism, skepticism/cynicism, materialism)
  5. Is there a way for us to live happy, worthwhile lives together, and if so, how? (challenges authoritarianism, skepticism/cynicism, survivalism/adversariality, materialism)

I’ve already answered the first two questions and dented the next two. What remains is to clarify and articulate answers to the first two questions and finish work on the last three. I believe that we will succeed in answering all of them or, at the very least, move our understanding of them forward significantly — not because we’re more ingenious or erudite than others who already tried, but instead because of the mundane fact that we’ll explore angles that others have neglected or deliberately avoided; and we’ll do it collaboratively, outside the constrictions of authoritarian blinders and elitist protocols, and without the distortions of authoritarian lenses that have characterized virtually all prior work to date.

No one person can do all that on his own. Together we can get this going. Some of you have already helped me so far. Our wisdom together will eventually unravel the knots — sooner than we think, I suspect. I, like you, can only contribute what I have to give — but we must contribute what we’ve got. We need everything that develops from everyone’s thinking, explorations, and experimenting as we grow back into our native connectedness and talk about it together. My unique offerings are some new directions in which we can take these old questions, the surprising results I’m getting as I explore and discuss them, and the beginnings of a vision and how to realize it. What’s more, I’ve found some shortcuts, so to speak. Not only do I explore divergent possibilities, I make use of divergent exploration methods, ones I rarely see used.

As a teaser, here’s an example. We’re quite familiar with skepticism as an approach to ascertaining truth. Have you ever heard of credulism? Probably not, unless you’ve already read my material on it. Pretty much, we were given to believe that skepticism is savvy and solid, but that credulity is synonymous with gullibility. In fact, that’s not necessarily so. Credulity used stupidly makes people gullible. So we need to ask what the real problem with gullibility actually is: credulity or stupidity? No one told us (except me as far as I’ve found) that credulity used intelligently often works far better than skepticism, let alone showed us how to use it; but of course, there are ways. I wonder if it and other non-traditional methods were deliberately maligned in order to deprive us of their help?

My goal

Ultimately, I want to realize heaven on earth, nothing less, and not in any way more esoteric or mysterious than aligning our beliefs with real experience so that our actions lead to what we want instead of the opposite. When you don’t like the results, try something different. If you hate the results, try something wildly different. Nothing strange or miraculous, just clear thinking based on facts instead of hand-me-down fictions. Nothing more is necessary.

ReLOVEution is the pivotal step towards experiencing the kind of life we aspire to here and now instead of hither and yon, one day over some magical or technological rainbow. It’s not the Utopian dream that you might think it is. It’s not even a Utopian proposition, because Utopias are built on authoritarian principles, one of the first things that ReLOVEution reverses.

We’ve lived in cults of authority for so long, we can hardly imagine life outside them. Visions of delights in heaven and delights on earth aren’t uncommon, but what would heaven on earth even look like? Please notice that heavenly and worldly authorities, promoting the wonders of their idealized kingdoms no matter which kind they are, all have several things in common. They are authorities promoting rule over domains. They subscribe to authoritarianism, authoritarian means, and authoritarian ends, regardless of their preferred domains. And they share the same damning failure: None of them have ever delivered. No matter what you think at this point, at least ReLOVEution stands a chance of getting us somewhere we haven’t already been for ages.

ReLOVEution is an entirely different proposition. It’s not an assault on authoritarianism — that’s the authoritarian style — but an abandonment of the fears that plague authoritarians about survival, adversariality, scarcity, terror-inspiring calamity, worthlessness, meaninglessness — fears that have plagued both you and me, my (soon, hopefully!) dear friend. We’re all authoriholics, and some of us are already in recovery. Turning us away from what amounts to paranoia, ReLOVEution turns us forward toward life, relationships, and societies that we envision and navigate by intelligent heart rather than by rulers and dictates (laws and dogmas) that we must submit to and obey, or else.

Once we’ve been as deeply brainwashed as this, living by heart can seem foolhardy except in carefully vetted circumstances with the relatively few trustworthy people we know. That is how skeptical we’ve become of ourselves, of our own hearts, each other, and the world at large. We’ve come to believe in the power of evil far more than the power of love, goodness, and truth. Our investments of time and energy show which power seems more real and formidable to us. Which do we address first before feeling safe enough to address the other? To which do we look for confidence: the security of eliminating evil or the vulnerability of sharing goodness? Which one do we teach our loved ones to pay first attention to? What we take care of first shows what we believe most, and the power of evil looms largest by far for most of us. Some claim otherwise, but we’re not being honest if we only love, do good, and speak honestly in small enclaves where we still dare to trust, tolerating evils around us as we cloister in safe sanctuaries, powerless to come out and stand against the forces we dread, which we and others like us leave to rove and rage unhindered, except those so egregious that the enforcers of authority must step in and deal with them — that is, when the enforcers and the authorities don’t prove to be just as bad or worse. Shame on us. Until we make the crazy, radical, ill-advised move to break out of those mind prisons, life will only further serve to lock us in — and yes, evils and ills and violence will continue to wreak havoc until they eventually touch us and ours, proving our faith in their inevitability and might, just as we secretly feared: manifest reality born of private paranoia. We can do far better than that.

What do we do about bastards?

At some point the conversation always comes down to them: morons willing to hurt their fellow players in order to “win” and rather would destroy the game than bear the shame of “losing” — true losers and truly lost. Although not everyone will openly admit it, everyone knows that bastards rule our lands, our economies, and our jobs, and bastardly behavior was how they attained rulership — even they do. How do you stop brutes and snakes without becoming one yourself? Plenty of people are working on answers; but frankly, it’s too soon. We’re only capable of minimal creative thought while inwardly cowering from thugs with guns or bombs or prisons or other instruments of physical, psychological, financial, or social enslavement and destruction. Our thinking hasn’t gotten far under duress like that. We need to see them more clearly, disambiguating the incompetent fools from the daunting displays of might they project and hide behind.

The secret of the story of David and Goliath is that David didn’t see Goliath as a giant, but as just another “uncircumcised Philistine”. David’s feat was not remarkable — it was thoroughly rational as far as he was concerned. When we likewise finally change our own perspectives, realizing the truly minimal nature and extent of the actual threat posed by bastards in contrast to the aggrandized portrayals that they have saturated our minds with, we’ll find that all we need in order to fell intimidating assholes — regardless of “size” — are a metaphorical few stones and a sling. We need practical, experiential knowledge of this, not just theory, so we need to get experienced with small and personal perspective reversals to start with, experimenting with small, manageable assholes, just like David did until he became able to take on bear, lion, and finally an oversize but pea-brained thug.

The first step in any dangerous situation is: Find safety. You can’t think until you do. You can’t well understand what’s going on while under fire in the middle of it; and if you don’t understand what’s really going on, your strategies will suck. We all know that our strategies until now have sucked. Just look around and see where they’ve gotten us.

Everything I’ve outlined above — agenda, strategy, ReLOVEution plan, reinvention program — is low-risk, requiring little to no change in circumstance other than to find safety, and then some self-paced experimentation — first personally, then in small groups, and then collectively. Even in a swamp where you fight alligators, you can find a tree or a hole that affords you time to figure out how to drain the swamp, sapping their strength and confidence. Rationality born in safety is where ReLOVEution starts; and then we try it, talk about it, and it develops and spreads. Even while we keep fighting against tooth and scale the best we know how, we can plan our moves into far more effective methods. As we get rid of the fear-breeding bog and murk, we’ll see clearly enough to find options so powerful that the alligators will start looking like specks against drying mud — totally doable. It sounds like a fairy tale until you try it on a personal scale and see what the power differential feels like. You’ll never go back.

In short, by the time we need to face off with big bastards, we’ll know how bastards work and effective stratagems will be clear. But, so you know I’m not blowing fairy dust and smoke, here’s another teaser: a rarely recognized fact about bastards. More precisely, a rarely recognized fact about how we think about bastards.

Take any example of evil you can think of: Hitler, Stalin, Satan and his demonic hordes, alien reptile attackers in end-of-the-world tales, or even disguised alien reptile infiltrators like David Icke’s “Archons”. Now notice something peculiar about all of them. We imagine them as if they didn’t possess vulnerable, manipulable psychologies — as if their elaborate machinations of conquest and destruction sprang full-grown from impervious heads housing inscrutable, near-invincible minds that can’t be diverted from nefarious pursuits. In other words: As if they were untouchable, much the same way that people used to regard the minds and wills of gods.

So what does that say more about: evil and evildoers or our imaginations? Obviously, unless you know evil and evildoers well, your information about them is imagined or second-hand at best, if it’s factual at all. Your grasp of their inner worlds is not only feeble, you probably haven’t considered it beyond the clichéd, “I can’t understand how they could…” nor do you really want to understand. Thought terminations like that mark the boundaries of authoritarian brainwashing. ReLOVEution obliterates those boundaries.

In fact, psychopaths are the most sensitive and vulnerable people on the planet when it comes to decrepit self-esteem and intolerance of disrespect. Utterly fragile. Their atrocious outward-facing competencies serve as preemptive defenses, exactly because they would otherwise stand exposed to all as the inwardly incompetent laughingstocks they deeply feel they are. They cannot meet others as peers on level fields — they must always have the advantage and be in control, if not dominate. That signifies profound intimidation, not courage; decrepitude, not strength. Being absolute idiots about navigating life from and by the heart, they focus on navigating and subjugating it outwardly, visibly, an arrangement of dead objects they move around like game pieces. Nothing forces us to meet them on that battlefield. What’s more, the battle isn’t against them — it’s against the very ineptitude that terrorizes them. We stand for what’s right and against what’s obviously wrong, so they can’t resist us without aligning themselves with stupidity and dishonor. We stand for the very things that could save them from their inner shame, so in opposing us they oppose their own benefit. That’s just one of the Catch-22s we’ll put them in.

The idea that we can’t exploit the colossal weaknesses of deeply deficient human beings, the kind that ancient wisdom calls fools, is laughable. We’d have to be fools ourselves, cynics who have fallen for the brainwashing. Bastards are people, not gods, so don’t believe their advertising to the contrary. They aren’t capable of denying Newton’s Third Law. For every action we make, they must have equal and opposite reactions, like it or not. We just need to figure out which actions produce the reactions we want instead of the ones we don’t want. But that’s not the underlying problem.

We’ve let bastards choose the battlefields and dictate the rules of engagement long enough. We’ve been dealing with them according to their playbooks of intimidation and harm and bullshit power. We need to write our own playbook, choose our own places and modes of confrontation, operate under our own logic and rules, and abandon the crap they brainwashed us with. We actually won’t need much secrecy or encryption, because not only is our language foreign, to their ears it literally sounds like foolish babble. We can talk in the open, because we aren’t threatening what they understand. We can say pretty much anything we want in the presence of those who, for our intents and purposes, are imbeciles.

We have only just begun to reinvent the fight.

My invitation and challenge to you

This is definitely a work in progress, developing as I (and soon we) learn and discover more. To see how far it’s progressed, here’s the original Patreon page I posted only five months ago:

Whatever your opinion of all this is, you must admit that we haven’t well explored these possibilities. In fact, we’ve avoided the territories where they lie. So, we cannot very well intelligently say what we’ll find by exploring them, far less what would result from trying out what we find, even though so many seem to be so certain that they already know. Where and when exactly have we seriously, capably experimented with de-authoritarianized life? Not elsewhere tried by some other fools we don’t even know, (of which, by the way, there are very, very few examples,) but you and mewhen did we try it? I can answer that question, because I’m doing it. Ironically, you could too, because you are already doing it, but I bet you don’t realize it because the brainwashing has sequestered it in your mind as irrelevant to things like government, economy, making a living, or even human relations in general. If anything is a blind faith, uninformed commitment to authoritarianism is one — a result of manipulation, deception, and extortion we’ve been subjected to all our lives. Our belief in the necessity of authority has become such a deep, thoroughgoing delusion, we disprove it every day and don’t even notice — another thing I’m demonstrating and describing in my work.

If you think that’s all wrong, the best way to be sure isn’t to lamely decry it without testing or evidence, but to demonstrate it the way that science proves something wrong: Try proving it and fail, and try breaking it and succeed. That’s my approach. Any inexperienced fool can swear that an idea is so wrong that it’s dumb to try it.

When it merely comes to considering alternative beliefs, especially “radical” ones — which actually means nothing more dire than really unusual ones — many of us seem downright allergic to the simple, rational, scientific approach: hypothesize and test. You can’t genuinely test a hypothesis without provisionally accepting it as if it were true. Anything short of that involves confirmation bias. Instead, many of us act like sincere, temporary acceptance of a belief puts us at risk of losing ourselves. Some of us can hardly hear out a foreign belief without warding it off like some evil spirit threatening to invade our souls. Refusing to explore alternatives under the unexperienced and therefore uninformed belief that the unexplored or even exploration itself is dangerous or absurd amounts to superstitious cowardice, or worse, dishonesty.

So let’s find out! I’m making it easy: I and whoever is interested will do the initial work, take the risks, make the mistakes, take the flack, and accept failure and ridicule if need be. I’m already doing that. Why? Because I love this stuff and I love its potential for getting us out of this mess. I’m psyched! All you do is help.

If you like my work, help further it! If you know others who are doing work like this, help them — and please let me know about them.

If you don’t like my work because you think it’s futile or ill-advised, help me prove you right — give me enough rope to hang myself! 🙂

If you don’t like my work because you think it’s foolhardy or dangerous, and that supporting me as I explore the supposedly absurd, impossible, and worthless will only make matters worse, then I challenge you:

I am proving you wrong, like it or not, with or without you. If you are so right and your beliefs are so true, then you and they should be strong enough to dare taking the risk of finding out what will happen if someone tries to prove the opposite — or can’t you stand up to challenge and testing? On that point I’ve met plenty of people who don’t dare put their money or anything else of value where their mouths are. You haven’t proven a thing if you refuse to explore alternatives and test them against yours. You should be delighted with a deluded fool like me, intent on a course that will only prove you right, who does all that risk-prone, ridicule-provoking, hard work for you. You should encourage me right into my Darwin Award-worthy doom — unless, as I sincerely suspect, you secretly have doubts.

If you’re so sure, let your truth shine. Demonstrate superiority instead of bleating on and on about it. All you seem to lack is daring. I dare you.

The story in short: Everyone should support this work! It might surprise or it might serve just to shut this fool up. I’m not likely to shut up before I’m done, though. 😀

I only partly jest about that. Exploring these angles isn’t just wise, it’s now imperative. Hoping for different results while doggedly trudging the routes we’ve already worn out, blaming our recurring, dismal failures on “them” — the other guys who refused to comply and adequately perform, or the bastards who keep this clown circus going — is literally insane at this point. There no longer are good reasons to decline the radical, but there continues to be a serious shortage of huevos.

The paths we haven’t yet tried might fail or lead us nowhere, it’s true; but when we’ve trodden them all to muck and they keep leading us right back to the same few-extorts-many, violent bullshit we’ve lived under for thousands of years, we are fools not to explore the options we’ve suspiciously, conspicuously, consistently avoided until now.

I’m already all in. I’ve devoted my life and my future to this. Help me, and let’s find out what happens. I’m telling you: you’re going to be surprised.

I’ll soon announce my new Patreon page for those of you who would like to support this work. Please watch for it, and pass word along to anyone you know who is serious about revolutionary change. Thank you! 🙂

Please let me know what you think!

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